Digital Marketing Coaching

Expert your team in digital marketing

"We offer customised digital marketing coaching to your staff for better ROI and brand awareness"

How we do it?

* First of all we collect analytical data about your brand, market share, tools you are required to grow up your digital presence.
* Design a training program for your staff.
* Plan and implement 1-on-1 training program for your staff at your place.
* After three days training and setup all the digital marketing tools, we follow up the process along with your team for three months.
* During three months consultancy period we implement online hangouts with your staff, answer the technical question from your staff and follow overall performance.
* At the end of three month consultancy training period we present your the digital marketing growth report and graph.

What you team will learn?

Search Engine Optimization (Advance level)

* Local SEO
* Onpage SEO techniques
* External SEO techniques
* Content management
* Lead generation with SEO

Google Adwords (Advance level)

* Google search ads
* Dynamic searc ads
* Re-marketing advertising
* Google display network advertising
* Implementing conversion based google ads structure

Google Analytics

* Setting up various reports
* Market and customer analysis
* Conversion tracking and analysis

Online CRM

* In this part we provide training and implement various CRM and customer acquisition tools.
* Survey management