Google Adwords Training Course

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Google Adwords Training Course

Google Adwords Training is provided by instructors who actively manage Adwords accounts in different sectors and having google adwords partners certified.

  Importance of Google AdWords Training Course

A large part of the Online marketing budget is spent on Google AdWords. Google Adwords provides solutions for e-commerce and brand awareness. Training provides basic and advanced knowledge of using Adwords for any purpose.

  Who should prefer Google Adwords Training Course

Those who wants to be google adwords professional
Those who want to make freelance money by managing Google AdWords campaigns
Employees of digital marketing department of companies
Company owners and authorities who want to manage their Google AdWords campaigns themselves
Those who want to join Google AdWords exams
Those who are currently working on Google AdWords but want to improve themselves in the sense of strategy.

  Google Adwords Training Topics


» Introduction to Online Advertising - What is Google Adwords?
» Building marketing strategy according to Google Adwords Architecture
» Keyword and search terms Strategy
» How to create low-cost ads
» Ad optimization based on AdWords Conventions
» Introduction to Google Adwords ads extensions
» Advertisement report and Analysis


» Campaign Creation and Campaign level settings
» Creating an Ad Group and Settings at the Ad Group level
» Managing Billing Amounts
» Examining Advertising Statistics and Making Optimization
» Create a Campaign and Ad Group-Level Rule
» Ad Conversion Tracking
» Creating Custom Google Adwords Reports
» Managing Re-marking Campaigns for better conversions
» Google Video Advertising

 Course Duration

10 Hours + 3 months free support

 Place of Training

» Online 

» At your place 

» At our head office in Istanbul Turkey