What is Growth Hacking

Although traditional marketers who grow in the sectors such as retail are among the greatest needs of today's major Internet companies, new internet entrepreneurs require people who are more product-focused and make data-based measurements. 

What is Growth Hacking

The method that meets this need is known as growth hacking. Generally, 'Growth Hacking' is a marketing technique that uses analytical thinking and metric measurement. This newly idea has been thrown out since 2010 by Sean Ellis and this definition based on online marketing have some points that differentiate.

What is Growth Hacker ?

Person who works for drive potential traffice and increase the growth of business by using latest internet technology and dynamic data technologies called Growth Hacker. Growth hackers focus on innovative solutions like social media and viral campaigns instead of traditional advertising sources are working to bring a much deeper perspective to marketing using metrics and tools such as search engine optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, re-targeting, develope smart websites etc.

Actually, Growth Hackers act as a bridge between developers and users. A developer can evaluate UX via Growth Hacking, while a marketer can easily track the integration of the application with 3rd party services.

Technical skills a growth Hacker must have

» Statistics
» E
xcel macro modeling
» A
SQL/Php Language
A/B Testing
Web Developing
Good knoledge of SEO

What is difference between traditional marketing and growth hacking?

There are many points that can be explained as a difference between traditional marketing and growth hacking. A marketer naturally practice about team management or budgeting by using traditional methods.  However, growth hackers evaluate the current situation and try to provide more added value. In this respect, Growth Hackers distinguishes from other marketers by way of used metrics and the technical infrastructure. While traditional marketing people persuade people to buy products, growth hackers develop the products that people realy needed to buy. Growth hacker also help brands to earn in long terms and build a good relationship with costomers.

Content Writer: 

Nauman Zia Butt 

Digital Marketing Analyst
MBA in e-Commerce Yeditepe University - Istanbul Turkey