White Hat SEO - Step By Step Guide

The purpose of this article is to carry the targeted keywords at the top of the search results without taking any risk and by using the right white hat methods.

white hat seo - step by step guide

Important Note:  "This article is based on the proven white hat seo methods, please make sure that you read and apply all the techniques carefully. If you need any support please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Purpose of the article:

The purpose of this article is to carry the targeted keywords at the top of the search results without taking any risk and by using the right white hat methods.

SEO techniques generally distinguish three stages.

1 stage:

Plan the keywords you are planning to target and place all of them in the search engine rankings no matter what the placement is.

Stage 2:

Higher the keywords rankings you have been worked at the first stage.

Stage 3

Protect the keywords rankings and web site against the black hat attacks.

 Important preparation before we START!!

Before starting the above steps,  lets slove or review some basic of the basic important optimisations:

01- Web Site Speed 

Remember, that the ideal opening speed for the site is 1.5 - 2 seconds. Test your website with the Google insights and learn all the technical issues harming your page speed.

02- Fix the Meta tags of your webiste

All contents under your website must have a unique title and description. Instead of reviewing all the contents one by one, you may prefer Screeming frog. Screeming frog in a web crawlling software which informs your all the missing meta informations, titlles and somany important need to be fixed issues in just few seconds.

Download screeming frog software for free from the following link below

screeming frong

 03- Optimize your web site search engines friendly

The URLs of all pages under your website must be search engine friendly. Here are some examples:

Example 1

Wrong Format


Correct Format


Example 2

If your article headline is "Growth Hacking Services", optimize the article URL as growth-hacking-services.html.

04- Web site Design and User Friendly

(a) Make sure your website is 100% mobile-friendly. If you are curious about the compatibility of your website on various mobile devices, visit http://mobiletest.me and select the desired mobile device and run the test.

(b) Set the font size of your webiste according to the mobile devices. Keep it more than 12 font size is recommended. 

(c) Make sure that if website is secure

  1. Avoid using IFrame
  2. Buy SSL Sertificate for your website
  3. Set the folder permissions of the server hosting your website to 755. Because 755 means that everyone can read the files, but only the owner can write.

Let's Get Started


Step One:

First of all make all the hidden keywords exist on search ranks. No matter what their ranks are.

Make a list of your targeted keywords and search for them in google. If your website is included in search results, make a note of the ranking in front of the each keyword. If the keyword you are searching for are not included in googel searches, prepare an article for each of those keywords and publish them on your web. 

Note: Use FatRank Chrome Extension to search the keywords rankings.


The tricks of writing a Powerful article:

  1. Generate article with minimum 300 words
  2. Place your targeted keyword into the article as average % 2.
  3. Place the headline <h1> in the tag. Do not forget that there is only one h1 tag allowed for each article.
  4. Prepare the article which provides useful information to visitors, not just to drive traffic.
  5. Integrate useful imagery or video within the article so that your visitors benefit from the information that you have given to them.
  6. Share the URL (link) of the article you wrote on all your social media accounts.

Not:  Be aware of the ideal dwell time. (What is Dwell time?) "Its almost a new term in legislation. Dwell time is the ideal time for visitors to stay on your website.

"According to the research done by Kissmetrics, the ideal duration of Dwell time is 3 minutes and 10 seconds, which is of course a hard target.  If your content is good at presentation, informative and contains technical infrastructure, It may growup more chance to reduce the bounce rate of the article.


End of Step One:

When all above tasksk are over, wait for Google to crawl and index your website contents. Which might take maksimum 3 weeks time. You may call google bots any time to crawl with the help of Google web master console but my recommendation is to leave everything natural. When google index your web site, find the search the targeted keywords on google and you will start seeing the rankings of some of them.  Some keywords are might not in first 5 or 10 pages even but dont worry, its just the first step of your success. Keep kalm and go the the next step.



Step Two

Moving the higher level of the words that exist in the search results.

At this stage, we will use the methods that are aimed at raising the ranking of the keywords you are targeting in google search results.

1- Social signals

First, open all social media accounts owned by your mark. Suggested social media accounts: Facebook page, twitter, Linkedin, Google plus. Complete all settings for accounts. Example: On your Facebook page, your website address, product / service information, and country goals have been completed.

Share all page links on your website to social media accounts.

If necessary, get traffic by buying ads to shared url shares. This will start to build up your website bounce rate. If the duration of your website is higher than 3 minutes, that means the article is  providing the answers and satisfying the visitor


2- Backlink Buildings

Backlink building is one of the most import and risky operation in SEO. Must be taking backlinks from High (DA) domain authority and (TF) trust flow website.  

(i) Where can we get high profile backlinks?

There are couple of recommended freelance market places where you can buy the blog post from high authority news / blog sites. All you have to do is to wirte an organice article with more than 300 words and contact the site owners through freelace marketplaces and ask them to publish your article. Don't forget to arrange a dofollow backlink into the article. 

Here are some freelance marketplaces:





(ii) What are the criterias of a hith aurhority profile backlink sites?

Backlink to your website:

  • DA (Domain authority) must be above 40
  • TF (Trust Flow) must be above 30
  • Domain age must be more than 5 years
  • Must have a minimum of 1000 contents indexed in google


(iii) Backlink must be balanced

Nofollow backlinks must be around 25% 
Backlinks to your website must be from differenct types of website. Example; News sites, private blogs, academic sites, governments sites etc..
Keep eye on anchortext giving backlinks to your webiste. They must look natural instead of linking keywords in the article.


End of Step Two:


Wait until the google algorithm  evaluation. You will begin to feel the sequential upgrades after a 1 month process. If you do not get enough rising in keywords placements, it means that your opponent has a stronger backlink than yours. In such a case, more backlinks should be made and the contents of your website should be revise for more engagement.

Step Three

Protect your placements against blackhat seo attacks.

(i) Backlink tracking and cleaning

After reaching your targeted aim in SEO, your web site will probably be attacked with blackhat SEO. With the help of the Google web master console, remove low quality backlinks from your web site.

(ii) Revise Content

Revise all your contents with in three months for better user engagement and gaining returened visitors.

(iii) Check Bounce Rate Properly

Keep track of your visitor's bounce rate with the help of Google Analytics If this rate is high, it means; the content of your website is not attracting much attention from users and they prefer to read content from another websites.

 End of Step Two:

Continue applying periodic checks after this stage is over. Produce useful and helpful contents  for users.


Content Writer: 

Nauman Zia Butt 
MBA Yeditepe University
Digital Marketing Expert