Why 'Content management’ is important in Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services which are using digital technologies, mainly on the internet. They can also include mobile phones, display advertising and on any other social platform.

Why 'Content management’ is important in Digital Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a type of marketing with digital marketing which involves the creation and sharing of online materials like videos, blogs / vlogs and social media posts that doesn’t explicitly promote a specific brand but is usually intended to stimulate public interest in its products or services.

Why is Content Marketing important in Digital Marketing?

To help you understand the importance of content marketing, I’ve put together a list of the top advantages that content marketing can provide to your small businesses:

1. Improve the reputation of your brand by building trust through content marketing:

It is exceptionally important that businesses work to build trust with their leads and customers. Building this trust between your leads and customers can help your business establish a positive brand reputation.

2. Great content helps influence conversions – The conversion statistics:

• Content marketing provides conversion rates about six times higher than many other digital marketing services and methods.
• About 61% of online customers can make online purchases.
• According to around 76% of companies surveyed, content marketing has increased their marketing leads, in both quality and quantity.
• Video content can help to provide a great “Return On Investment” (ROI) and significantly increase conversions.

3. Optimised content helps to improve your (SEO) ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ efforts:

The importance of content marketing becomes even clearer when looking at the role that the content plays in helping your business build and improve the search engine optimisation. SEO plays a vital part in improving the visibility of your business online. However, it is important to have optimised content to improve your SEO.

4. Creating great content is a cost-effective way to bring in new leads:

The key to maximising content ROI is creating a content marketing strategy that takes your target market into considerations. Don’t just create content for the sake of it, if you want money worth something makes sure to pick your content strategically in the topics you choose.

5. Content enables your brand to showcase your subject matter expertise:

Content marketing allows you to demonstrate its expertise in the field while providing valuable knowledge that can help readers make a more educated purchasing decision.

6. Relationship with customers? Publish great content:

Providing great content doesn’t stop after a lead becomes a customer. Content that provides value for your customer base will help increase brand loyalty by strengthening the relationships you have with customers. This can encourage repeat sales and help you establish powerful brand advocates.

7. Your customers and leads want great content:

The key to creating effective content that helps you connect with your eager audience is focusing on topics that are relevant to their needs, interests and challenges. Try to show a bit of personality to help your customers to get to know your brand and what sets you apart from the rest.

8. Content marketing helps you set yourself apart from competitors:

This is the importance of content marketing. Content marketing is an effective way that small businesses can work to set themselves apart from others in the industry and show what makes their company special.The topics that you create content around and the value of the content you provide can mean the difference between a consumer choosing your brand over a competitor’s.

9. Content is important during each step of the marketing funnel:

• Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) – your prospective customers are just starting to become aware that there are solutions available, where the content can help educate them and get them the information they need to decide which type of solution might help.
• Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU) – where leads are evaluating their options for products or solutions, the content can help to educate leads on what their different options are, so they can start to narrow their choices and get closer to the purchasing decision.
• Bottom-of-Funnel (BOFU) – This means tat the leads are ready to convert. The content during this stage is meant to give a final nudge of encouragement to the buyer and empower them to make an informed purchasing decision.

10. Content helps support nearly every other digital marketing strategy:

Your business needs to create engaging, high-quality content as part of any tactic that you employ in your digital marketing campaigns.

11. Visitors Interaction and bounce rate:

For better ranking of an article in Search engine rankings, there are couple of important factors to keep your eye on; "bounce rate" and "Visitors session".
Well designed with, on page search engine optimized article may be able to attract visitors and improve the search placements by decreasing the percentage of the bounce rate.

12. Brand Awareness:

People love sharing unique information. The morevaluable and unique information you provide to your targetsaudiencewhich builds a highertrust, content sharing and returning visitors. Once you see increasing metrics in returning visitors and contents sharing, it means you proving impressive content to your target audience.

Quality Content Tips before publishing:

• Make sure that the content is relevant and ready to help to your audience
• Use easy to share Extensions in your article
• World count of the content is must be more than 350 words
• Make sure you content text contains zero plagiarism
• Complete the on-page SEO
• Always proof read the article to check your punctuation and grammar mistakes.

Here are some Free useful content creating tools

01- Create infographics related to your articles

plagiarism checker

02- Free Plagiarism checker to make sure that your text is not copied


03- Animaker Create apappealingnimations that helps to explain your idea of content

wave video

04- Create customized videos for your contents

text optimizer

05- Text Optimization aims at adding or removing keywords in your text, to better match search engine expectations.

By: Aleyna Salman
Content Marketing Expert